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    So I noticed my new Samsung Washing machine has the option for ECO DRUM CLEAN, which I thought was nice/handy, but as it turns out this is a big big subject and lots of opinions, one thing in certain, washing machines that are not properly looked after will/could within a few year (2 – 5) suffer from Spider Arm Corrosion which means either an expensive repair bill or a new washing machine is needed.

    Sometimes, the more I look into stuff, the more I wish  I did not bother ;-)

    Galvanic corrosion is……  (Galvanic corrosion refers to corrosion damage that occurs when two different metals are in electrical contact in an electrolyte, where the more noble metal is protected and the more active metal tends to corrode. Galvanic corrosion may also be known as bimetallic corrosion and dissimilar metal corrosion).

    This in basic terms and from my research online after my last washing machine had issues I have discovered that typically the metal drum on your washing machine is held in place and connected to the drive motor by a component called a Spider Arm, this Spider Arm is typically made of a material different to the washing machine main drum and as a result, over time, the Spider Arm corrodes and disintegrates until the washing machine fails.

    From my online research, it appears that the Spider Arm suffers from this corrosion due to the build up of fabric softener and other deposits (insufficient use of detergent), if the drum is not being cleaned frequently with a hot clean water wash then corrosion is more likely, other factors that increase the likelihood of corrosion include leaving washing in machine after it has finished the wash. Some comments have said leaving the washing machine door and Soap Tray slightly open after each wash helps air the washing machine drum which helps reduce corrosion.

    My Samsung washing machine ECO DRUM CLEAN option which according to the manual is best to run fortnightly as it removes residue and build up and looking at my machine, it runs at 70 °C so seems my Samsung washing machine has an option to maybe help reduce corrosion and build up and being at 70 °c, should also help with reducing the mould build up on the drum to door rubber seal.

    Only time will tell with my washer and I hope that helps guide others as good washing machines are expensive and should last longer that 3 years.


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