What is an inverter motor washing machine?

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    Direct Drive (or “inverter”) washing machine motors do not include belts, chains or gearboxes. Instead, they use their motor to directly rotate the washing machine’s drum.

    The motors in the Inverter washing machines, differ from those in the more traditional Belt Driven washers (AC), Inverter motors are classed as Digital motors (like Dysons) and are brushless, so it runs much cooler and uses less energy than motors found in conventional (AC) belt driven washing machines.

    Apparently, Digital Inverter models are supposedly up to 20% more efficient than traditional AC Motors and some say are quieter, but do tend to emit a high pitch (mosquito like) tone, dependant on load.

    I do not own an Inverter Drive washing machine, as my trusty Bosch (Belt Driven) has been going for years and has been really reliable.

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