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    I would flash back to ASUS Stock Firmware and see if issue remains

    When flashing back to ASUS Stock firmware, make sure you factory default settings after firmware has been loaded and then configure router manually, do not use a backup of your config.

    I was struggling to find a solution to your issues, hopefully the use of the third party firmware (Gnuton) was the reason why you was having issues?

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    you can use Ping plotter and ping your ISP gateway IP or any local site ( if it accept ICMP pings )  to monitor your connection over time ……. to see errors or packet drops or sudden spikes in ping on hoops

    your modem is in bridge mode or modem is dialing the connection ?

    way back i used to have issue on my VMG1312-B10A … where enabling SRA used to … give sudden burst in CRC than connection re-synchs and disabling it fix the issue ………… but not sure if SRA is used there or not


Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)
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