Drivers slam E10 fuel over vehicle performance problems

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    Interesting Article.

    Seems even thugh E10 fuel was first introduced at the start of September as the UK’s new standard of unleaded petrol. The petrol is blended with up to 10 percent bioethanol, meaning it releases fewer emissions as a result of the lower petrol content.

    But …

    Because of this, many have reported that the petrol and their mileage doesn’t go as far as it did when they were using E5.

    This has also led to some drivers saying they need to fill their car up more often.

    One reader, Far Far Away, questioned: “Is it worth it using E10?

    “Reported MPG is 15 percent lower, but emissions are 20 percent down. That is assuming the engine is running in tip top shape.

    Another comment, One driver said they are now filling up “once a week” instead of every “fortnight” since the new petrol was launched. Other drivers have also “noticed a drop in power” under the new fuel changes which came into effect last month.


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