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    You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what is G-Sync. In short, Nvidia G-Sync is a type of display technology used in certain PC monitors, gaming laptops and TVs to fight screen tearing, stuttering and juddering, especially during fast-paced games or video. G-Sync only works when the display is connected to a system using a compatible Nvidia graphics card (including third-party branded ones).

    Nvidia introduced G-Sync in 2013, and its biggest rival is AMD FreeSync. But the answer to “what is G-Sync is getting increasingly complex. There are now three tiers of G-Sync: G-Sync, G-Sync Ultimate and G-Sync Compatible.

    Screen tearing is an unwelcome effect on the image (see photo above). It’s the result of the game’s framerate (the rate at which image frames display) not matching the monitor’s refresh rate (the frequency at which a display’s image redraws).  G-Sync displays have a variable refresh rate (also known as VRR or a dynamic refresh rate) and can sync its minimum and maximum refresh rates with the framerate of the system’s Nvidia graphics card. That refresh rate range can go as high as the monitor’s maximum refresh rate. This way, you see images right when they’re rendered, while also fighting input lag or delays between when you move your mouse.

    Ref: https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/reviews/nvidia-gsync-monitor-glossary-definition-explained,6008.html

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