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ASUS DSL-AX82U Summing Up

(A few members have PM’d me regarding the DSL-AX82U –  hopefully the below summary helps answer a few question)

Ok, so after much debate behind the scenes with ASUS, for myself, much like there previous DSL models, the DSL-AC88U and the DSL-AC68U, the DSL-AX82U will be stored in the cupboard or used as a paper weight after I have finished all my testing.

Alas, in UK, DSL  routers are required to be BT SIN 498 MCT Approved and ASUS will not conform,  DrayTeK and AVM (Fritz!Box) do for certain models.

The DSL-AX82U does not support and is manufactured in China, ASUS are aiming the DSL-AX82U more towards the European markets I assume .

For myself, gaming is important and as a General purpose Modem / Router, the DSL-AX82U should work well, but for gaming, look elsewhere if at all possible.

For those following this thread and looking at Wifi 6 DSL Modem/Router units, AVM Fritz!Box have the 7530 AX which will be and interesting unit also to consider.

Only positive you could take from this is it is rumoured that @GNUton is working on combining ASUSWRT-Merlin for the DSL-AX82U, so this could be interesting to follow.

Such Fun !


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