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    Merlin uses Asus GPL (public codebase) and makes his improvents (security and bug fixes, driver updates and many features including the possibility to run your own scripts) based on it. But only for Asus RT routers.

    GNUton uses Merlins GPL and adapts it for DSL-AC68U which is very similar to RT-AC68U, most hardware is the same beside DSL-part.


    @UK Sentinel: Would be really interesting for me to have his knowledge 😉


    I can recommend to use their enhanced and updated firmwares, they are public and everybody can use and compile it on his own as it is or add your special changes before.



    Good, may I have the link where I can find stable firmware for DSL-AC68U? Do u think I can use beta Merlin on second DSL (the node) and stable Asus on the master one?

    Thanks 🙏🏼


    You have to wait some days maybe weeks for stable versions, this first alpha is not usable:


    Maybe you can help him to proove his builds and report back any bugs:



    Which beta Merlin? Merlin never supported DSL modems.

    You will have to test them how GNUtons and stock Asus are working together, should be no problem but it is just too early to say!

    As soon as it is stable I would use this fork with much more possibilities on both devices, especially on main router.


    Be patient !!! – think in september they will have it run reliable.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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